What others say

“Thank you for the inclusiveness, the humanity, and the joyful spirit your writing embodies.”  Patty Cleary

“Many times I would read your stories aloud for my husband and I to enjoy them together. And sometimes, I couldn’t read them aloud because I was crying as I read them. No one else writes like you do. You connect so well through your writing that one could feel they are sitting across from you as you tell your stories. The world needs the kind of emotion and humanity that you share.” Kathy Tyrrell

“Your writing has soul. So much published now is about one degree away from raw data– and if I want to read raw data, I’ll open an excel spreadsheet…” Karen Colbourn

“No one else writes like this anymore, and it’s sorely missed. Your stories of family, holidays, and everything in between are always a great read.” Chris Mulligan