It’s been a week since I stepped on the scales

Dear Mama,

Couple of things to tell you about this week.

I picked up my new glasses. They are progressive lenses. You know, the kind you couldn’t wear because they spaced you out. They seem to be doing OK for me. Going down steps is a little weird.

My old house is finally going to closing on Friday. Knock on the wood from 1849 that was used to build it. That will be a big weight off me, as you know.

So glad you were able to spend many Sundays of your last summer here at the new house. Picking crabs, swimming (or floating) with your kids, grandkids and Pops.


Mama Brenda floats in the pool with two of her granddaughters, Emily and Autumn, in the summer of 2015.

And speaking of weight, I climbed out of the dark hole I had been digging and started applying for jobs. Real jobs. Finally decided my search for treasure at the bottoms of bottles of Knob Creek wasn’t really working out for me — no matter how much I tried to convince myself it was.

Former work peers and still friends have been sending me leads. It’s humbling to know they still care. Journalism can be a rough business, as you know from having listened to me during calls on my way to work. People don’t always get along and the deadlines, opinions and pressure that go along with the line of business can make interactions interesting.

I remember during one of our talks you telling me you wanted to go in and give someone a piece of your mind. I begged you not to. I can only imagine what you would have done after I was let go if you were still here. We probably would have had to use the bail money you always kept aside for me to get you out.

Anyway Mama, while climbing out of my hole I got stuck trying to pull my big ass out of the opening. Thank you McDonald’s McDouble specials, Knob Creek and Gannett corporate/local decisions for being the enablers to my personal lack of self-control.

But you always told me I could do anything I set my mind to. Now we both know you meant within reason — and losing weight and getting healthier is certainly within reason. So a little over a week ago, I had a couple of Bourbons, a nice couple of meals and decided to start a new journey.

I know you were watching, Mama, but I want to tell you anyway. There’s other people reading this letter and they aren’t as all-knowing and all-seeing as you are.

So I started this journey and on Wednesday, one week ago, I went in to my doctor’s office just to get weighed.

I weighed 356.5 pounds. I’m 5-10 1/2 , not 8-foot-6 so that puts me in the morbidly obese range.

Since then I’ve cut out alcohol, soda, most breads and probably a lot of sugars without noticing. I’ve used My Fitness Pal to track calories, carbs, protein, water and exercise. And as you know, I’ve looked for ways to honor your cooking but to make it work a little more for what I need right now.

So today, one week since my last time on the scales, I went back to the cardiologist for my regular appointment. This is video of  me getting weighed.


How about that? Thanks, Mama, for not putting your foot on the back of the scale. For those of you who didn’t watch the video, I lost 8 pounds.

Thanks for your help, Mama.

Talk to you again soon.





18 thoughts on “It’s been a week since I stepped on the scales

  1. Good job. I’ll be following you. You can be my motivator. How about a challenge . Most weight loss by tax day April 15. Winner gets a cold beer at next Eagles game. R U up to the challenge?

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  2. Congratulations! Week one is the toughest. What did the cardiologist say about joining the gym? it’s free for an entire month for you and Natalie if you want to come.


  3. Congrats Jeffrey. I’ve started also! I too made the committment with my wallet ahead of my mind as a jump start. Bought a month’s worth of food from one of those national, celebrity-endorsed plans and my husband will kill me if I give up after spending all that money. I’ve been on it 3 days now, drinking water like crazy. Miss my wine. Haven’t weight myself yet, but I feel it, and a minimum of 64oz of water a day has made me look any younger than any pricey face cream ever could. I even removed the growing pile of clothes draped over the treadmill and actually used the damn thing, however, the whir moving track freaked my cats out. They attacked it and slid off! Wish I had a video of that!

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  4. Wonderful! I know you can do it! So glad you started with a big loss the first week-i hope that makes it feel worth it.
    Two of my co-workers and I just started on Weight Watchers this week. For me it’s back on WW for the nth time, but I know it’s a program that works for me. I’m 5’2″ and well over 200. I’m rooting for you!

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  5. Proud of your determination, Jeffrey.
    Being accountable and opening up to journaling your progress is an awesome key to success. I’ll be following your posts, and rooting for you all the way!

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